philosophical science fiction in a multi-media context


Songs of the Zhongzi: Professional Reviews of the First Book

Review from Future Fire
Extract: This is Sivertsen’s philosophical experiment. It is a major undertaking: the charting, through narrative, of the creation of life through to its destruction. The rise and fall of social constructs, ethics, creativity, and ideological conflict. It is carried off in an episodic fashion. Having read it through, and thought about it, there are huge issues here, big themes of existence, humanity’s response to life and social-political debate carried out on a level of fictional exploration. This is speculative fiction at its purest: an actual speculation.
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Review from The Dying Book Affair, score 5 stars:
Extract: The book was refreshing; the world was unique, the characters inventive, and the language beautiful. Sivertsen has built a beautiful world and created multimedia accompaniments to take the reader far beyond the experience of the printed page. Upon closing the pages of Shianshenka, the time spent with the Zhongzi does not have to end. If you haven’t read this book yet, you should, because it is unlike anything else you’ve read before.
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Review from Troll King, score 5 stars:
Extract: It is criminal that this work hasn’t received the attention it deserves because it does what all literature aspires to do, to tell the human story in a way that inspires and urges us to reflect upon our own mortality and our ambitions to achieve beyond our limitations. This book is a postmodern classic and should be canonized amongst essential literary works to read. Therefore, despite the multimedia content, this book has earned the highest accolade of 5 stars.
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Review from Speculative Fiction, Score 8/10:
Extract: Shianshenka is an interesting book that will make you think, and that is a great. The characters may be simple feathery balls (that is how I pictured them in my mind) but they pack a very intellectual punch that I think many readers will enjoy. There are a lot of complex concepts brought to the forefront that are presented in the most simple and entertaining way. Big picture ideas that will make the reader think. Recommended.
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Review from Bill Silva of Reviewers in Black:
Extract: If Star Wars is the rock and roll of Science Fiction, Doctor Who the Disco and Star Trek the marching band, Shianshenka is the Discovery channel documentary, with native music spread throughout in the form of the actual soundtrack of the book. Like the book, these short music videos (which can be found on Youtube or by scanning a QR code inside the book) are slow, colorful and moody, and spare no effort. While they have no flashy visuals or million dollar budget, they’re on the outer end of what someone at home could produce, meaning that they clearly took both effort and talent, both in the audio and video side of the production.
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